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Four acesHonestly, I go for weeks with nothing to blog about and then I have to write two posts in one day!

The big news is that I’ve signed a contract with Orion for a fourth book in The Wild Hunt Series. As I finished Book 2 and got into Book 3, there turned out to be rather more story still to be told than I’d thought, so The Wild Hunt is now a quartet (I like the way that sounds better than “tetralogy”, which always tries to tie my tongue in a knot for some reason) and will keep me off the streets until 2014.

The new book is provisionally entitled The Wandering Moon, and I’ll keep you all updated on its progress in due course.

I also found out recently that Book 2, Trinity Rising (coming out next month, hint hint) will be available as an audiobook, read by the wonderful Allan Corduner who did such a great job of Songs of the Earth. He’s currently filming, but we hope to get him in the studio later in the summer to start recording.

Woo, and may I say hoo.



  1. Alexis

    Pleased about the audio book. Givs me chance to hold back my ‘credits’ if its later in the year.

    • Ellie

      I’ve just checked the Audible site and it’s there now. G’wan, you know you want to . . .

  2. Chris Taylor

    Good stuff- very much enjoyed the audiobook of part 1, so pleased to hear part 2 is imminent and with the same reader too.

  3. Leo Elijah Cristea

    Absolutely thrilled by this news, and massive congratulations are in order. I can’t wait to read “Trinity Rising” and I’m excited to learn there will be another novel to look forwards to in the series.

  4. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin)


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