Being a list of clans and noble houses named in The Wild Hunt Quartet.

Arennorian clans

  • Durannadh: Totem is a white bull. Current chief is Aradhrim, the Warlord.
  • Eldannar: Arennorian clan, famed as scouts and rangers
  • Morennadh: Duncan and Sor’s clan; they are distant (very distant!) cousins of Aradhrim.

Astolan noble houses

These families are part of the Ten, inner council of the White Court

  • House Amerlaine: The current High Seat is Berec.
  • House Elindorien: Tanith’s family name. The High Seat is currently held by her father as regent in her absence
  • House Ione
  • House Nevessin
  • House Odessil: Current High Seat is Taren
  • House Vairene: Current High Seat is Morwenna, Ailric’s grandmother

Gimraeli Houses

  • al-B’kaa: One of the Gimraeli noble families; Ysen’s house.
  • al-Feqqin: The ruling house of Gimrael, believed to be descended from Prince Yezerin, who united Gimrael’s disparate tribes under his banner. This is N’ril and Uril’s family name. The current lord is Kierim, son of Farhad the Fox.

Leahn Houses

  • House Ingharon: Ruling house of Leah. Their heraldic symbol is the fire eagle. Garimair, the Prince of Leah, is a former Warlord and veteran of Samarak. His exploits in the desert earned him the sobriquet the Eagle of Leah.

Nimrothi clans

  • Amhain: Their totem is the stone crow. Current chief is Eirdubh
  • Black Water: Now defunct. Led by Gwlach, this clan was obliterated in the Breaking – a conflict known in the Empire as the Founding Wars.
  • Crainnh: Teia’s people. Their totem is the wolf. Current chief is Drwyn, son of Drw.
  • Eagle: Current chief is Conor Two Bears.
  • Feathain: Their totem is the ice-bear. Current chief is Aarik.
  • Iron Elk: Baer’s former people. Their totem is the elk. Current chief is Osgiath.
  • Maenardh: The Lost Ones, exiles from the Nimrothi clans. Whilst not technically a clan in their own right, they will become one.
  • Silverthorn: Their totem is a thorn bush. Current chief is Cullan Swifteye.
  • White Lake: Their totem is the White Lake. Current chief is Ruaridh.


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