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The socials

Given the current parlous state of a certain blue bird of social media, I have dusted off my old Mastodon account and I’m making an effort to be a bit more visible over there. You can find me @ElspethCooper@wandering.shop should you wish to do so.

I was toying with the idea of joining Hive, too – if only to nab my name there – but I have some reservations regarding stability, security and data protection.

Despite its many flaws, there is a community on Twitter which I value, networks around my interests, and innumerable friends, both virtual and not. I will hang on there until such time as it ceases merely pining for the fjords and actually runs down the curtain and joins the choir invisible.


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Site updates

A few housekeeping changes to report, nothing major.


As you may have noticed, things look  a bit different around here. I’m taking  a new theme for a canter, as I was growing a bit dissatisfied with the old one. So far, so good – although I did need a bit of prompting to remember how to speak WordPress (it’s been a while). What do you think?


I’ve added a couple of older posts to the Guide to the World of the Wild Hunt which go into a bit more detail about how said world works. It felt like they belonged there, rather than buried in the archives. If you have any ideas for other topics you’d like me to cover, drop them in the comments below and I’ll get to them in my *cough* copious free time.

Since I recently dusted off my Goodreads account, which I hadn’t updated in EIGHT YEARS for heaven’s sake, I’ve also incorporated a widget in the footer that shows you what I’m currently reading. Neat, eh?

*Style over substance, geddit? Gosh, I am so easily amused.


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