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Cover love, part 2

Cover of German edition, Die Wilde JagdA couple of days ago, seeing as publication of Trinity Rising was imminent, I had a poke about on my overseas publishers’ websites to see if I could find some release dates for the translated editions. Imagine my delight when I found this.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Yet again, Heyne have done me and my books proud with a stunning, subtle cover. I don’t even mind that they’ve changed the title to Die Wilde Jagd, which according to my rusty high school German translates as The Wild Hunt.

I can’t wait to see the whole series of these covers side by side on my bookshelves!



  1. Brendan Murray

    Congratulations on yet another triumph. It seemed an age until Trinity Rising was released. Hopefully it wont seem as long for the next part.
    Again many congratulations

  2. Kit Berry

    Hi Ellie – congrats on your second novel being out! And congrats too on the foreign deals and audio books – I wish Gollancz would do the same for me! Feeling very envious as I have no foreign deals at all, nor audio books – but glad for you of course. I hope all goes well with the latest book and that you get wonderful reviews!

    • Ellie

      Thanks, Kit! The foreign rights all happened in a blur when I was still reeling from shock that the books had sold – and I didn’t even know an audiobook was on the cards until I got an email from the digital folk saying they’d found a lovely actor to read for it and what did I think of him? I’m sure your time will come!

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