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Trinity Rising coverIt’s all happening this week.

A bunch of us recent debut authors got together and decided to do something kinda fun to jointly celebrate our upcoming novels. Us crazy kids, right?

All this week and next*, we’re taking over Justin Landon’s blog over at Staffer’s Book Review, one author per day, to talk about our experiences of writing our second books and give you an exclusive sneak peek at these stories.

Mark Lawrence kicked off the event yesterday, with a post about Scary Shit, and a brilliant excerpt from King of Thorns. Today it’s Kameron Hurley, of God’s War fame, telling us Don’t Lose Your Edge and treating us to the first chapter of Rapture. And tomorrow, it’s some English upstart called Elspeth Cooper . . . Dunno who she is, but apparently she’s got a book out next week and you will be able to read a chunk of it on Justin’s site if you so desire.

You can read all about Justin’s Debut Authorpalooza 2012 here and check out the list of authors. There’s also giveaways every day, and a whopper of a grand prize at the end. It might just blow your mind.

Sounds pretty cool, eh? But wait, it gets better. Justin has also arranged with the nice folks at Reddit Fantasy to get all ten of us on a joint Ask Me Anything on Thursday 19th July. Most of us will be there live, answering your questions on life, the universe and everything from 7pm CST/1am UK. Details are here.

Please don’t leave us all sitting there twiddling our thumbs and counting the dead flies in the light fittings. I mean, ten bored authors? It could get really messy.

*Uh, this post was supposed to go up on Sunday but I was . . . busy. Hiding from a man with a paintbrush. Srsly.


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  1. Paul Weimer (@princejvstin)

    Wow,the lot of you on Reddit at once? Hilarity ensues? 🙂

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