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Cover art, part V

Cover of Polish editionof Songs of the EarthYesterday, my author’s copies of the Polish edition of Songs of the Earth arrived, courtesy of my publisher over there, Amber.

I am running out of space for all these books – if the Health & Safety Executive saw the size of the pile in my office, I think they’d shut me down.

I apologise for the not-very-good photo – my tame photographer a.k.a my husband Rob was out. At work. I mean, how dare he?

So yes, that is my foot in the bottom right hand corner, and yes, I am wearing stripy socks. I *like* stripy socks.



  1. Nanette

    I think I like these two covers…Polish and and Spanish better than the English one. Still, it didn’t detract from a great grand story that I stayed in bed until late this morning to finish. Now I feel like some good friends have gone away and I miss them. I hope the spring publishing date for Trinity Moon is northern hemisphere spring, because I hate to think I’ll have to wait until September for the southern hemisphere spring!

    • Ellie

      I believe the UK publishing date for Trinity Moon is mid-to-late June (I don’t know how final this is, given the nature of publishing schedules). Should be available in Australia at about the same time, I think. Hope you enjoy it as much as Songs!

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