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First review

Woman resting chin on stack of booksAlways a daunting moment, reading the first review of your first book. Will it be good, filled with effusive praise about my world building, my fascinating characters and original plot? Or will it be “D-. Must try harder.”

Judge for yourself, over at the Wertzone. I’ll wait.

. . .

. . .

[whistles tunelessly]

. . .

. . .

Ah, you’re back. Well? What did you think?

Solid, I thought. Very fair. Well pleased with the liberal use of “intriguingly” and “subtle” and “interesting”, and the lack of words like “dull” and “predictable” and “unconvincing”.

Cheers, Adam. The cheque’s in the post.


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  1. I missed out again? Damn it. How much did you pay him, Elspeth. How about twice as nice for half the price? 😉

    But seriously, you have a blog. Good stuff! Hate to say I hadn’t realised, but here I am, last but not least, and hey, maybe I can help get the good word out there.

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