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Cover art, part III

Cover of the Dutch edition of Songs of the EarthIt’s amazing what you find when you’re poking around your website stats on  a rainy Saturday evening when there’s nothing on the TV.

Flicking through the “Referrers” list, which shows me where people have come from when they land on my site, I found a site I recognised: Meulenhoff Boekerij, parent of my Dutch publisher Mynx, which led me to the cover of the Dutch edition of Songs of the Earth, a.k.a Het Lied van der Aarde. Heel mooi!

Click to make it (not very much) bigger – hopefully I’ll get a higher-resolution version in due course.



  1. Greta

    That’s a lovely cover. Encompasses many elements of the story.

  2. Jenny Brown

    GORGEOUS!!! That would look very nice on your wall, wouldn’t it?

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