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The countdown has begun

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some very exciting news.  I’ve been told that I might have some roughs for the cover of Songs of the Earth to look at soon.  With my editor, we’ve finalised the cover copy a.k.a the bit on the inside flap that makes you, the reader, start salivating as you fumble for your credit card.  And I’ve got a tentative publication date.

Naturally, as Gollancz are still working the kinks out of their schedule for the first half of next year, there’s still an “ish” factor here, so I won’t be revealing the date until I know it’s firm, but it does mean that the countdown to launch has begun.

This is becoming alarmingly real.

Songs is moving from an electronic file wrapped up in a dream to something solid.  Tangible.  A physical object that I can hold in my hands and inhale that “new book” smell.  I cannot tell you how much that excites me.

It also terrifies me.  In a couple of months my editor will crack her knuckles and set to, and I imagine the process of delivering a final typescript that she’s happy with will be rather like childbirth.  There will be sweat and swearing and probably tears, and if things get really rough there might even be a little blood, before the finished book is smacked on the bum, weighed, measured, and packed off to production.

In the meantime, I’m not exactly sitting on my hands here.  I still have Trinity Moon to finish.  Although progress has been slow of late due to a variety of health-related issues (which also explain the infrequent updates to this blog), the strands are coming together into what I think will be a satisfying whole.  A bit darker than Songs in several ways.  A bit more menacing.

Watch this space.



  1. Debbie

    Go Ellie! Those of us that aren’t good enough are living the dream through you.

    • Ellie

      You don’t have to butter me up, Debbie–I’ve already told Jo to send you a review copy ;o)

  2. N. Gemini Sasson

    Gee, if I’m anxiously excited to get my hands on Songs, I can only imagine what it’s like on your end as the publication date approaches. And another one nearing the end? You can’t write fast enough for me – no pressure, eh?

    • Ellie

      90% excited, 10% scared. Or maybe 90% scared, 10% excited. It varies.

      Trinity’s better than 5/6ths complete, by the way. Keep breathing ;o)

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