Trinity Rising coverI’m pleased to announce that the UK mass-market paperback of TRINITY RISING will be released on 13th June 2013 – with, I’m told, a bonus sneak peek at the first chapter of the next book in The Wild Hunt series, THE RAVEN’S SHADOW.

I will of course be doing some giveaways of signed copies (when I actually have some copies to sign and give away, that is) so check back next month for details.

As always, any giveaways that I run through this blog are fully international. I don’t care where you live, as long as you have a postal service of some description – be that a transdimensional vortex, a painted golem called Mr Pump or just an old man with a donkey who comes over the mountain every second Wednesday – you can enter.

Herewith some shameless self-promotion:

…settle down and enjoy Cooper’s eloquent prose, unique versions of the occult, and fine emotional range — Locus

And I didn’t even have to pay them to say that.

June 13th. Go. Read. Enjoy.