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Cover art, part VI

Les Chants de la Terre, frontOr, something gorgeous this way comes, in the shape of my author’s copies of Les Chants de la Terre, from my French publisher Bragelonne.

I don’t know if you can make it out in the picture, but the title is embossed, with a touch of electric-blue foil on the twiddly bits. That electric-blue foil continues inside, onto the binding of the book itself, echoing the eagle motif and the curlicues from the UK trade paperback. It’s one of the loveliest hardbacks I think I’ve ever seen.

Messieurs de Bragelonne, merci beaucoup. Je pense que je pourrais être en amour.



  1. thespaciousbamboo

    I’ve read the book in french, it’s a beautiful book and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for a great read.

    p.s. I don’t want to be annoying here lol, but the french guy in me can’t help you but correct your little error. It’s ”être en amour” and not ”être dans l’amour” Your translation is too literal. I’m so sorry, I had to XD

    • Ellie

      Correct away – my French is very rusty and Google Translate can only do so much ;o) Glad you enjoyed the read!

  2. Stefan

    Really nice. 🙂
    Any idea when Trinity Moon’s cover’s going to emerge…?

    • Ellie

      I’ve seen some concepts, just waiting for the artist to give us his treatment. So the answer is “Soon”!

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