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Letting go

Anyone who’s ever owned – or been owned by – a pet has to face these decisions sooner or later.  This is the fourth time for me, and believe me it doesn’t get any easier with practice.

Knowing it’s the right thing to do helps a bit, but not nearly enough.  Gutted doesn’t even come close to how I feel.

I know, I know, it’s only a cat, but damn it, she was my friend.

Cleo, 15 Nov 1992 – 22 Dec 2009


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  1. Sam

    Having only recently stumbled over your blog, I mean found, it’s not like I tripped over it or anything, I see we share a similar taste in pets.

    Your touching memorial to Cleo reminded me of a similar piece I wrote about the demise of one of my beloved moggies, Button (don’t blame me, my wife named him). Originally an RSPCA rescue, he was a similar age to Cleo when we lost him to old age.

    Like Cleo, Button was my most dear friend, and I am thankful to have known him. I agree, people who have never been owned by a cat just don’t understand.

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