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Going Dutch

Photo of the Dutch editionThe postie brought me a parcel just now – my author’s copies of the Dutch edition of Songs of the Earth, Het Lied van der Aarde.

Doesn’t it look fantastic? The colours are much more muted and subtle than the early snapshots of the cover art led me to expect – so atmospheric, especially with the brass-bound look around the edges.

Flicking through, I discovered that there’s also a lovely script style drop cap on each chapter, which just makes the page, in my opinion. Mynx have done a super job; I couldn’t be more pleased.

The Spanish edition should be up next – I can’t wait!



  1. Marc

    Yes Elspeth, it does look fantastic.
    And yes, the short description was promising…
    And yes again, I am always eager to “try out” a new, unknown fantasy writer.
    So I bought the last available copy in the store. And now I regret having to work today, and the fact that I have to wait until tonight to continue reading.
    A big thank you (even before I have finished it) for this Dutch version, from a fatasy reader in Flanders.

    • Ellie

      Thanks, Marc, I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it!

  2. Michelle

    I just found your site through Goodreads. Your book sounds awesome! I love the cover you posted above! My family recently started a book review blog – http://www.bookwormfamily.com/ – if you want to stop by & check it out sometime. I’m looking forward to reading your books!

  3. Jenny BrowN

    It looks very mystical indeed. Is it on sale there now, too?

    • Ellie

      Stephan from Ranting Dragon tweeted today that it was on sale in Holland a week before the UK. Should be out in Spain now too, I think.

  4. greta

    Looks great. What did you expect? Huh?

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