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New books receivedToday brought me a modest haul of new books, these being the only ones I could remember from my missing-presumed-lost/recycled/eaten by dust-bunnies “Books to Buy” list. I have made myself a promise that I will not so much as crack the covers until THE DRAGON HOUSE is packed off to my editor.

Since I like reading about as much as I like breathing, I’d better crack on, eh?

I tweeted a picture of this lot as soon as I unpacked them, but for reasons known only to themselves HTC have seen fit to pair their phone’s pre-loaded Twitter client with bloody Yfrog, which has an unspeakably ill-formed splash page and does horrible things to image sizes, hence this post.

I really need to get my arse in gear and sign up with Tumblr or summat for those social-media-on-the-go moments. I am *such* a technophobe. Also too busy Actually Doing Stuff That Keeps The Lights On Around Here, which is likewise responsible for my lack of:

  • blogging regularly
  • self-promotion
  • updating the website
  • learning Scrivener
  • redrawing the map for the Wild Hunt Universe
  • getting a haircut

I don’t know how my fellow writers manage to do all this and hold down a day job.



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  1. Michele

    As you know, Bob (!), I read and LOVED The Copper Promise. I’ve also read Natural History of Dragons and it was okay, but for some reason didn’t push my buttons (despite my nearly 40 year love of dragons!) – I conclude I read it at the wrong time? Haven’t read any of the others, though I HAVE heard a lot about Golem & Djinni. Will go have a look at the library’s catalogue and Amazon for sample chapters/copies to borrow…

    And good luck with getting *your* book finished!

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