So I sat down at the keyboard, determined to add a meaningful blog entry, and came up empty.  Some writer I am.

The new laser printer is great and working hard for its keep.  It’s also too clever by half.  I wanted to print some address labels but wasn’t sure I had the template filled out the right way round to fit the half-used sheet so I thought I’d print them onto plain paper first.

Uh-uh.  Printer says no, and flashes a little red light at me.  Open cover, close cover.  Green light.  Click “Print”.  Red light flashes.

Out with the manual, section six, troubleshooting.  Third reason for the error light flashing: no media in the manual feed.  Eh?  Are you telling me the printer knows the document I’m sending uses an Avery label template and has therefore assumed I’m going to be feeding said labels through the manual feed slot?

<fx: inserts sheet of labels in manual feed slot>


Apparently so.  Well I’ll be buggered.