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Panic? What panic?

Post it note says "Don't panic"So that’s The Raven’s Shadow a.k.a Book 3 of The Wild Hunt Quartet packed off to my editor for scrutiny, so I can start to think about Book 4 in more detail than I have up to now.

It’s going to take quite a bit of planning (a novel experience for me) as there is a helluva lot of plot to wrap up in a neat and timely fashion.

As of today, the hit-list for The Dragon House looks a bit like this:

 – invasion, and consequences thereof (including socio-political and economic ramifications)

 – bloody revolution, consequences thereof (ditto)

 – women in combat

 – tentative explorations of new relationships for damaged people

 – conflict between a personal debt of honour and the Greater Good

 – disintegration and rebirth of a moribund institution

 – past mistakes to be faced, pipers to be paid

 – family skeletons hauled out of closets

 – assorted deaths, some new characters and the return of old friends

 – when good magic goes bad, with the corollary: fire and destruction, and lots of it

and that’s just the stuff I’ve thought of in the ten minutes it’s taken me to type this post. Eeep.

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  1. Martin

    Book 3 done!
    Loved it Elspeth!
    Bring on “The Dragon House”!

  2. Abhinav (@abhinavjain87)

    Yay for finishing book 3! For now! 😀

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