Alas, the time has come.

My balance problems have got to the point where Rob is terrified to take me pillion on the bike, and I am so leery about getting on and off that I have decided, with great reluctance, to hang up my lid.

I’ve always loved bikes, ever since I saw a picture of the JPS Norton and thought “Ooh, shiny…”  Meeting Rob and his beloved Exup made the bug bite hard.  I wanted a bike of my own, had it all picked out, and decided I’d take my bike test.

Rob, naturally, was extremely worried but incredibly supportive, and took me pillion a few times on the Exup to get used to the idea.  I started giggling dementedly at the first swoopy bend and didn’t stop for the remainder of the journey.  I loved it.  I wanted to spread out my arms Titanic-style and whoop with delight.  It’s true – only bikers understand why dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows. Continue reading