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Cover news – overseas edition

Cover of Bk3 German editionMy spies have reported that this beauty will be the cover of the German edition of The Raven’s Shadow, out later this year.

Hats off to Heyne, who are producing a wonderful set of covers for the series – they look awesome on the shelf together. I can’t wait to get hold of a copy.

Der Schleier der Macht translates as The Veil of Power. Hazarding a guess at why they’ve changed the title, it occurs to me that it might be because Der Schatten des Raben, which is a literal translation of ‘the raven’s shadow’ doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue!

Der Schleier der Macht will be published in Germany on 14 July 2014, in paperback.

In the meantime, I’ll be up here in my office, basking. As you do.


From Russia with love

Cover of Russian editionToday, I had the singular pleasure of receiving my author’s copies of the Russian edition of SONGS OF THE EARTH. Click on any image to embiggen.

I have to say it’s the dinkiest hardback I’ve ever seen, short of the BFS Journal. Compared to the German editions, it’s positively sylph-like, yet still weighs in at a substantial 479 pages, thanks to its delicately-thin paper stock.

Shine on Russian coverExternally, under the gloss finish the entire cover is metallicised to give a silvery sheen to the light through the trees. This does not photograph at all well without clever lighting unavailable to a mere mortal with a phone camera and an energy-saving lightbulb overhead, but I’ve done my best. That orangey bit is my T-shirt reflecting in the finish, and if you look closely, you can even (horrors!) see the shape of my head.

Title page of Russian editionInternally, the designers have gone absolutely to town with printer’s ornaments on each chapter head and page number, and in replicating the cover’s curlicues on the title page:

It’s a strange and strangely lovely thing, completely unlike any of the other books on my shelf, and I’m really rather taken with it.



Cover love, part 3

Le Lever des Lunes cover artHere’s a peek at the cover art for the French edition of Trinity Rising, a.k.a Le Lever des Lunes, which is due out in January 2013

This isn’t a very hi-res image, because I just pinched it from Amazon, but you can see the forest theme is continuing, this time in a gorgeous sunset palette.


Cover love, part 2

Cover of German edition, Die Wilde JagdA couple of days ago, seeing as publication of Trinity Rising was imminent, I had a poke about on my overseas publishers’ websites to see if I could find some release dates for the translated editions. Imagine my delight when I found this.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Yet again, Heyne have done me and my books proud with a stunning, subtle cover. I don’t even mind that they’ve changed the title to Die Wilde Jagd, which according to my rusty high school German translates as The Wild Hunt.

I can’t wait to see the whole series of these covers side by side on my bookshelves!


Cover love

Finished copy of Trinity RisingWith two weeks to go until official publication day, finished copies of Trinity Rising have arrived at Gollancz Towers, and don’t they look gorgeous? Of course they do.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks planned, with guest blogs coming and sneaky-sneak extracts of the book to whet your appetite, so watch this space, or hunt me down on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news.

In the meantime, I will leave you to feast your eyes on the pretty. Click it to embiggen for the full effect. Wouldn’t that look great on your bookshelf?

Go on, you can admit that you want it. There’s no-one watching, honest. Your secret is safe with me.



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