If you follow me on the Book of Face, you may have noticed I’ve been teasing you, somewhat erratically, with snippets from a chapter of THE DRAGON HOUSE.

Usually, I am hopelessly undisciplined when it comes to things like regular blog posts and refreshing my social media with new content, so I am making an effort to correct this. I am officially making these snippets A Thing, which I am calling the Tuesday Teaser. Each Tuesday, I will post a new snippet from this chapter on my Facebook page, and for the non-Facebook-isti among you, here on my website, where it will build over time into a complete chapter.

Hopefully this will encourage me to keep up the momentum finishing this edit/rewrite/partial do-over/grinding-out of the finale to the Wild Hunt Quartet. I also hope it will whet your appetite for when this damn thing becomes an actual book.

In the fullness of time I’ll tell you all about why it’s taken so long to get there. It’s a rather depressing story I really don’t want to dwell on just now, when things are moving along kinda nicely. In the meantime, I’m so sorry for keeping you all waiting.