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Book 3 title news

Carved raven totemI broke cover with this elsewhere on teh internets just now, so this makes it official: Book 3 of The Wild Hunt series will be called The Raven’s Shadow.

The title has only just been agreed on with my agent and editor, so Amazon and other e-tailers might not have got all their ducks in a row yet, so be patient with them.

To the best of my knowledge, the book should be out round about this time next year, assuming I can get to the bottom of the to-do list* taped to the side of my monitor, deliver the script by the end of next month, and no horrific blunders emerge in the edit.

*crosses off  today’s completed tasks, viz. Items 18 & 19 – yay. Achievement unlocked: ice cream!


Unscheduled maintenance

construction signI haven’t had much to say lately. Not normally a problem for me, I must admit, but there you go.

It’s been a fairly grim couple of months. Progress on Trinity Moon was agonisingly slow, and every few hundred words I managed was hard work. Let me rephrase that. It was sweating-bullets, squeezing-blood-from-a-stone Hard Work. I was even beginning to doubt my abilities as a writer and stressing that I would miss my deadline to deliver the book. Continue reading

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