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The Raven’s Shadow – giveaway!

Cover of The Raven's Shadow***This giveaway is now closed!***

Ooh, a new book . . .

As you may know, this coming Thursday, 15th August, sees the publication of THE RAVEN’S SHADOW in the UK, and shortly thereafter in Australia and New Zealand.

This is the third volume of The Wild Hunt series, and things are heating up. Gair’s back on the mainland with a mission to fulfill. Teia is struggling through the mountain snow, desperate to reach safety before her child is born. As the moons move inexorably towards their conjunction and Ytha’s war band levels its spears at the Empire itself, deception and tragedy await. Actions have consequences, and not all of them can be foreseen.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a-quiver with excitement.


And look! There’s free stuff!

Because I am immensely proud of this book, and y’all are the nicest bunch of readers, I am also giving away some signed copies of the Gollancz edition. These very ones, in fact:

Hardbacks to give away

5 signed, personalised hardbacks, delivered worldwide

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post before midnight UK time on 29th August to go into the draw. On the 30th I will select five winners’ names at random.

In the light of the last giveaway, I do have a few things I want to point out. Please note, the Rules of Engagement:

Rules of Engagement

  • One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be discarded.
  • Winners’ names will be drawn at random, using a random-number generator. Randomly.
  • If you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear straight away, that’s because I have to manually authorise comments from email addresses the site doesn’t recognise. It’s nothing personal, I’ve just had all the fake Rolexes, NFL jerseys and Louis Vuitton knock-offs I can stand. Sorry.
  • Only comments on this post are eligible. Please don’t ask to be entered via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or by email because this needs to be fair and simple to administer.
  • Please leave a valid email address or I won’t be able to get in touch with you to tell you you’ve won. Make sure it’s an email address you actually check more than once in a blue moon, because if you win and I email you and you don’t respond to said email within a reasonable time (say seven days) I will give the book to someone else.
  • The dedication doesn’t have to be to you. It can be your sister, mother-in-law, boss or pet rat – I really don’t mind. I will even post it to another address, if it’s a present for someone. Just don’t ask for gift-wrap as well, because do I look like Amazon to you? Sheesh.
  • Yes, I really will ship worldwide. That includes Chile, Burkina Faso and PO boxes on little islands off the coast of Australia. Neither rain, nor snow, nor glom of nit can stay my messengers about their duty.

All clear? Right, off you go then – and good luck!


David Gemmell Legend Award 2013

The mighty Snaga

Well, whaddayaknow. TRINITY RISING is on the longlist for the 2013 David Gemmell Legend Award – in some very fine company indeed. Lawrence and Williams and Bear*, oh my!

I was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Morningstar ‘Best Debut’ in 2012 with SONGS OF THE EARTH, and am more than chuffed to be considered a worthy contender for the Legend this year.

Is it likely I’m going to win? I’m up against LordGrimdark himself and RED COUNTRY – what do you think? However, hope springs eternal and yon axe would look exceedingly fine in my office with the rest of my arsenal collection of sharp shiny things, so if you’ve read TRINITY RISING and you want to nominate it, go right ahead. It’s a really easy public vote, and you can do it in a couple of clicks HERE. Voting is open until July 31st.

Of course, you are completely free to vote for anyone else on the ballot who strikes your fancy, and I absolutely will not hold it against you in any way. At all. Promise.

* And Abercrombie and Weeks and Deas and Erikson and all the rest, but it spoiled the joke** to include them all.

** Yes, I know, it wasn’t much of a joke.


Cover love

Finished copy of Trinity RisingWith two weeks to go until official publication day, finished copies of Trinity Rising have arrived at Gollancz Towers, and don’t they look gorgeous? Of course they do.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks planned, with guest blogs coming and sneaky-sneak extracts of the book to whet your appetite, so watch this space, or hunt me down on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news.

In the meantime, I will leave you to feast your eyes on the pretty. Click it to embiggen for the full effect. Wouldn’t that look great on your bookshelf?

Go on, you can admit that you want it. There’s no-one watching, honest. Your secret is safe with me.



An addition to the family

It's a girl!The Cooper family is proud and excited to announce the arrival of a new baby girl, Kathryn (Katie for short), who was delivered on Friday afternoon.

She is very, very red, but very, very pretty – a sister for three-year-old Lara. Mum and baby are doing well; dad’s wallet . . . not so much.

Oh, the weight? 8 07lbs.

No, not 8lbs 7oz, eight hundred and seven pounds, wet weight.

Yes, you read that right. This is not your average bundle of joy: she sleeps through the night, never cries or complains and only needs feeding every 220 miles or so.

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Ooh, shiny

New toys arrive tomorrow <bounce>!

It’s sad getting this excited over a humble laser printer, that stalwart of the office environment, scarred by coffee-cups and encrusted with dust.  But it’s mine, all mine.  My first laser printer.

I’ve managed perfectly well with inkjets over the years, but it occurred to me as I was prepping my submissions that maybe it didn’t quite set the right tone.  Didn’t look professional.  I sneaked a few cover letters on the Xerox multifunction thingy at work, on bright white 100gsm paper and was horrified how shabby my synopsis-and-three looked in comparison.  Any agent I had the temerity to send it to would promptly consign it (at arm’s length, by the smallest possible corner, pinky extended) to the nearest recycling box.

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