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The Gemmell Awards longlist and voting is go!

The mighty SnagaIt’s that time of year again: the longlists have been announced for the 2014 David Gemmell Legend Awards, and voting is open. Go feast your eyes on the candidates on display. Go on, I’ll wait.

Right, so, if you’ve been and had a look you might have spotted that one of the names on that there list is mine, up for the Legend Award for The Raven’s Shadow.  If you feel so inclined, you can vote for it here. Personally, I think it’s my best book so far, and I am immensely proud of it, but it is for readers to judge whether it is worthy of a click on the voting form.

And you must do what you feel is right, of course.


BookSworn unmasked!

ID-100146856If you’ve been stalking me on social media recently, you might have noticed me dropping veiled hints about the BookSworn. You might even have wondered what it was all about.

Today, the truth is out.

So who are the BookSworn?

They are weavers of worlds and spinners of tales, a writer’s collective that features some of fantasy’s freshest voices from the last couple of years.

They are Bradley Beaulieu, Betsy Dornbusch, Teresa Frohock, Douglas Hulick, Kameron Hurley, Zachary Jernigan, Mark Lawrence, Stina Leicht, Helen Lowe, Anne Lyle, Evie Manieri, Jeff Salyards, Courtney Schafer, Mary Victoria, Mazarkis Williams and, er, me.

In the coming weeks we will be blogging and writing essays on the art and craft of genre fiction, offering sneak peeks at our upcoming books, and giving away some very cool stuff.

To help us launch our new website, you are cordially invited to attend a

Grand Masked Ball

and mingle with our characters over the next seven days. Guess who’s behind the masks, and you could win a stupendous pile of signed books.

Time: Monday 18th March 2013, from 12 noon EST (5pm GMT)

Venue: BookSworn

Dress: Masque

All welcome!


Me! On the internet! Talking about stuff!

Trinity Rising coverIt’s all happening this week.

A bunch of us recent debut authors got together and decided to do something kinda fun to jointly celebrate our upcoming novels. Us crazy kids, right?

All this week and next*, we’re taking over Justin Landon’s blog over at Staffer’s Book Review, one author per day, to talk about our experiences of writing our second books and give you an exclusive sneak peek at these stories.

Mark Lawrence kicked off the event yesterday, with a post about Scary Shit, and a brilliant excerpt from King of Thorns. Today it’s Kameron Hurley, of God’s War fame, telling us Don’t Lose Your Edge and treating us to the first chapter of Rapture. And tomorrow, it’s some English upstart called Elspeth Cooper . . . Dunno who she is, but apparently she’s got a book out next week and you will be able to read a chunk of it on Justin’s site if you so desire.

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The Gemmell Awards

Gemmell Awards trophies

The Gemmell Awards trophies. Photo: Sandy Auden

On Friday 15th June, I ventured down to London for the David Gemmell Legend Awards at The Magic Circle. I’d booked a smart hotel, had a new frock to wear and was quite looking forward to the whole thing. It’s not often I get to dress up and go out to play.

The evening started well: I was ready on time, wafted through the hotel reception and got the concierge to hail me a cab. I felt very glamorous in my long dress and floaty wrap but it all came unstuck somewhat when the cab arrived. As I got in, my knee decided it didn’t want to play anymore and folded under me, leading to a very inelegant heap of author, walking stick and handbag on the floor of the taxi. Ho-hum.

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It’s only taken me forever but I am finally dipping my toe in the con-going waters with an appearance at this year’s Eastercon.

I’m appearing on two panels, as follows:

Friday 5pm – There’s a hole in my plot! with James Barclay, Joe Abercrombie, Gavin G Smith and Jenni Hill (mod)

Sunday 10am – Promoting yourself online with Paul Cornell, Tom Hunter, Simon Spanton and Danie Ware (mod)

If that prospect hasn’t whetted your appetite enough, you can find the full programme of events here. It looks like it’s going to be a cracker, even with me in attendance.


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