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Are we cool?

Hey, guess what? Songs of the Earth got a mention in the Sunday Times!

Unfortunately, that mention turned out to be little more than a single line of internal dialogue quoted out of context†, with the admonition that lines like that aren’t going to do anything to make fantasy cool.

Um, what? Who says a particular genre of fiction is cool or uncool? Is there a Department of Cool somewhere in the bowels of the Home Office that makes these distinctions? Do I have to apply to them in triplicate for an EC Certificate of Cool Conformity before I’m allowed to write books?

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Of interviews, and such

I’ve recently ventured out of the writing cave to have a long chat with Niall over at The Speculative Scotsman, in the course of which we rode rollercoasters, chased butterflies, and talked about the voices in my head.

You can check out part 1 here; part 2 followed on Thursday. Perhaps I should point out that the bit of Newcastle where I grew up was rather more leafy and suburban than the picture accompanying the interview…

Niall also gave his thoughts on Songs of the Earth, on Wednesday.

And if you still haven’t had enough of me, you might like to have a wander over to Walker of Worlds, where I’ve been chatting to Steve about influences, publishing myths and the appeal of organic gardening. Steve and Mark gave their impressions of Songs here, and do you know, I think they rather enjoyed it.


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