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Cover art, part IV

And the covers just keep on coming . . . this time from my German publisher, Heyne. Wow.

When I was down in London for the Book Fair last month, Sacha told me I could expect to see the cover art for the German edition within a couple of weeks, and very atmospheric it is too.

I love the subtle detailing. The desaturated palette makes a striking contrast to the rich colour of the other covers for Songs of the Earth, but no less effective.

As usual, click to enlarge. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a higher-resolution image in due course.



  1. I’ve just started to read this one, its finally out over there.

    BTW: “Roman” is the German term for “novel”.

  2. Fab lettering, lovely cover.

    (Why does it say Roman bottom left?)

  3. I love the graphic. Very powerful and mysterious feeling.

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